Guide: How To Choose the Best Bed Sheets

Last Updated on July 13, 2024

by Marc Werner, Founder - GhostBed

Sleeping on the best bed sheets can be just as important as having the top memory foam mattress when it comes to getting the most peaceful of sleep. It is important to understand what makes the best sheets when seeking to purchase a set.

I. Breathable Fabric Equals Comfort

II. Fiber Length Trumps Thread Count

III. Supima Tencel Blend Creates Best Sheets

IV. Best Sheets Have Stay-Put Feature

V. Conclusion

Terms like thread count and Egyptian cotton are often thrown about when describing high quality sheets. It can get extremely confusing looking at labels when wishing to spend money on the best quality bedding that will entice the most soothing sleep. Most important is to understand what makes for the best bed sheets when embarking on a shopping excursion for comfy bedding.

I. Breathable Fabric Equals Comfort

If the sheets are not constructed of a breathable fabric one may have the sense of feeling suffocated as the sheets cause a running hot sensation. With the sheets not breathing it stands to reason that, as a result, the sleeper’s body will be gasping for air. Therefore, one should seek out cotton for its breathable quality that is also durable and easy to care for. When seeking cotton sheets, it is important to recognize the many different types of cottons used to manufacture bedding. One cotton is certainly not the same as another when it comes to quality. It is equally necessary to understand that a special blend of cotton with a revolutionary fabric crafted from cooling fibers creates the very best sheets for the ultimate sleep experience possible.

Supima is Best Breathable Cotton

Supima is the finest of cotton at 45-percent stronger than the standard cotton which is what makes it lighter, more breathable, as well as durable and softer. The trademarked Supima cotton is constructed of woven fibers and materials that come from 100-percent American pima cotton. The name is born from a combination of superior and Pima.

Tencel Proves Breathable Comfort

Tencel (lyocell) is a fabric that is made from naturally-repelling-water small fibers that allow for less shrinkage and, also, superior breathability. Add the new age fiber of Tencel to Supima for superior softness, breathability, and durability for the best sheets one can have for their bed.

II. Fiber Length Trumps Thread Count

People have been given the false sense that thread count is the most important factor when seeking the finest of sheet sets. Thread count most certainly should not be the sole determination for finding the best bed sheets, as a thread count can be high even when describing the poorest quality sheets.

The thread count fallacy has been given added momentum by the American market of star homemakers and manufacturers. More important than the amount of fibers that make up the thread count is the length of those fibers.

Supima Proves Best Cotton Fiber

Supima cotton is recognized for its extra-long staple (ELS) designation of fibers of at least one and three-eighths long. The average length of one and seven-sixteenths makes Supima the best of the cotton fabrics. The Pima cotton fibers that makes up Supima are 50-percent longer than average cotton fibers.

The spinning of the yarn of the longer fiber is what allows for a stronger fabric that produces less pilling found in inferior fabrics. The longer fibers of Supima give it exceptional strength that allow sheets produced from it to be made in a silky-feeling finer-lighter weight. The result is exceptional-luxurious sheets that are softer, more breathable, and more durable than heavier condensed thread-count cottons.

III. Supima Tencel Blend Creates Best Sheets

It stands to reason that when two superior fibers are combined that they will produce the very best quality of fabrics. This is certainly true when blending Supima cotton with Tencel to manufacturer the best bed sheets. Bedding created from a combination of 60-percent Supima cotton and 40-percent Tencel result in sheets that hold the finest qualities of both fibers.

Supima is Supreme

Supima adds to the blended fabric its high quality soft durable cotton. Not only will this cotton resist the nasty worn pilling, it also is known for its moisture absorption, along with its ability to stay cool on heated-up nights.

The Supima association strictly regulates Pima cotton for is to be called Supima cotton. Authentic Supima cotton has been verified for its authenticity so it can be used for its Pima cotton superior qualities. The strictly controlled Supima cotton is confirmed by the association to not have lesser quality cotton fibers not blended with it. An additional requirement of Supima is that it is only grown in the United States.

Pima cotton is considered Supima only after it has met intense quality prerequisites and is verified that it is traced from a U.S. supply chain. Add to Supima’s amazing fabric qualities is that cotton is naturally friendly to the environment as an organically grown renewable resource.

Combination with Tencel

Lyocell is the fiber that makes up the trademarked Tencel. The fiber, made from wood pulp, falls into a category midway between natural and synthetic. Although it is garnered from completely-natural materials, it uses a nanotechnology process to convert the organic resources into fabric.

The hydrophilic fibers allow for Tencel to have greater temperature regulation and moisture absorption qualities which makes it breathable, and softer, as well as shrink and wrinkle resistant. Environmentally friendly global certification system protected Tencel fibers come from sustainable forest plantations.

The structure of the Tencel fibers allow for fabric to feel silky soft and gentle on sensitive skin. In addition, Tencel holds natural hypoallergenic properties. Without any chemicals moisture is wicked away to inside each fiber reducing the growth of bacteria inducing moisture film.

IV. Best Sheets Have Stay Put Feature

The fabric may be an all-important aspect of purchasing quality bed sheets, but, one should also make sure that their new sheets are crafted with a stay-in-place design for added comfort. This is especially important with thicker mattresses when an adjustable base is being used.

Be sure to buy sheets that include an elastic band around the bottom of the fitted sheet that will hold the sheet onto the bed even when a base is moving up and down. The premium GhostSheets have a GhostGrip guaranteeing that the fitted sheet will stay on securely and never pop off.

V. Conclusion

Supima Tencel blended sheets prove to showcase the breathability, softness, and durability of both fibers. With the Supima being the highest quality of cool-to-the-touch cotton comfort, Tencel adds its anti-shrinkage, anti-wrinkling, and hypo-allergenic qualities.

Bed sheets made with Supima cotton and Tencel certainly are worth their price. The greatly-more-durable-than-standard-cotton Supima sheets will retain their quality of shape and comfort even after years of washing. This will certainly save money when not having to frequently replace worn weary sheets.

Adding the sheets atop a GhostBed mattress protector on a new GhostBed Luxe with cooling GhostBed pillows will provide the ultimate-best overall sleep experience.

Marc Werner - Founder, GhostBed

Marc Werner

Founder - GhostBed

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Marc has spent the last two decades designing & manufacturing mattresses and other sleep products, drawing on a lifetime of experience working with the material sciences. With several patents to his name, he works closely with the GhostBed team to create products with the perfect balance of comfort & support. Learn More

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