Mattress Disposal & Donation Guide

Last Updated on June 17, 2024

by Marc Werner, Founder - GhostBed

Mattress Donation
& Disposal Guide

The Best Way to Remove Your Old Mattress

Start Enjoying Your New Mattress Now.

Congratulations on making the big decision of choosing a new mattress! This investment will bring many days of complete comfort and rest that will greatly improve your body and mind. This is a fun and exciting time! Before you start planning those afternoon naps and weekend sleep-ins, you will need to clear out that old bed in order to make room for the new. Like many buyers, you can be a bit overwhelmed on what to do next. You can drag it to the curb for disposal, but just imagine your entire neighborhood peering at your worn bed as it sits in front of your house baking in the sun. Then once trash day comes around, your old mattress will just rot in an overcrowded landfill for years. There is a better way! We created this guide to help you find the best option to remove that old mattress which is both kind to the environment and the residents on your block.
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Evaluate Mattress Condition

To make an educated decision on how to handle a mattress disposal it is important to evaluate the condition of the bed. One should look for stains, rips, frayed fabric and edges, and compression. If the mattress is in fairly-good shape, then selling or donating could be options. When the bed looks like it has seen better days then one will need to arrange for mattress disposal or recycling. Of course, any mattress with bedbugs will need to be disposed of.


Mattress Donation Options

There are several options one can consider for where to donate a mattress that still has life in it. Donating a mattress allows for one to give back to society, and may even give one a tax write-off.

OPTION 1: Thrift Shops and Charities

National charities, as well as local ones, often have their own thrift stores in which they will take mattress donations. These charities will either resell the mattress or find someone struggling financially in need of a bed. As every service has their own policies one should contact each charity and service to see if they accept mattresses and can arrange pick-up. Here are a few national resources to consider for mattress donation:

Habitat for Humanity

Restores has home improvement stores throughout the nation. They sell building supplies and furnishings. All proceeds go to help Habitat’s work in the community and world. Each location is unique in what donations they may accept.

Salvation Army

has long been around to aid those in need. They have many thrift stores where they sell furnishings and clothes.

Donation Town

is a wonderful resource that helps locate a charity that will accept a mattress donation as well as clothes and other household items. This service arranges for free pickup.

Furniture Bank Assosiation

works to find items like mattresses, and other furnishings, that people want to donate to someone else who needs it but lacks financial stability to purchase.

OPTION 2: Places of Worship and Shelters

Local places of worship as well as local shelters often welcome mattress donations for those they know who are in need of a place to lay a weary head. Some may be able to arrange a pick-up while others will ask one to arrange to drop off.


Mattress Recycling How-Tos

Recycling a mattress means one is helping the environment by preventing a mattress to be destined as landfill. Whether finding a recycling center or using the DIY approach it is a fairly easy task to recycle a mattress.

OPTION 1: Find Recycling Center

With so many recycling centers now working to improve Earth’s wellbeing there may be a local one that will accept large items like a mattress. Make some calls to see if there is a center close by that will take a bed.

There are online resources available to aid one in finding a center for mattress disposal:

Bye Bye Mattress allows one to input their zip code to find a facility

Mattress Disposal Plus operates in 30 metro markets in the U.S. and are in just about every major city in the country. They have a great reputation for being customer focused and convenient.

OPTION 2: DIY Recycling

For those who like a hands-on approach, or are looking for a family endeavor, it can be a fun task to rip the mattress apart for a DIY activity. One can even make some extra cash when selling any metal parts, such as coils, for scrap. Once the mattress is taken apart, the individual recyclable pieces can easily be moved to a recycling facility. Although this task may take a bit of time it can save the money it may cost to haul away the entire mattress. Parts that will end up separated can be: a wood frame, steel springs, polyurethane foam, and other types of foam. Video how-tos are available to help guide on the deconstruction of a mattress.

OPTION 3: Creative Repurposing

When tearing apart the mattress one may feel their minds start working with imaginative ideas on what the mattress parts can be repurposed for. Foam can be used as a padding for a pet bed. Springs can be repurposed to create a wine rack or plant pot holder. Have fun with using imagination to reuse parts from the old mattress.


Mattress Selling Tips

Selling a gently used mattress can be a great option to make a bit of extra cash while getting someone else to pay to haul away the old bed. Offer it for cash or free. Even if giving away one may still be ahead by not having to pay to have it hauled.

Tip 1: Sell Locally

Call friends and family to see if anyone is in need of the mattress that is seeking a new owner. Word of mouth often will help find the bed a new home in a quick fashion.

Tip 2: Sell Online

The mattress can also be posted to offer it for cash or free on a local Facebook page, Craigslist or the OfferUp App


Mattress Disposal Choices

When there is no other possibility it is time to look at the several mattress disposal options left. From town waste services to paying to haul the mattress away there is an option to remove the old bed before the new one arrives.

Waste Disposal Service

Many towns and cities offer waste disposal services for those who live in the municipalities. Simply call the Department of Waste Management to find out if this is an option, and if so, how to arrange for a pick-up. This service is often free or at a very low charge.

Hauling Away

One may not have any recourse but to hire a company to haul the mattress away to a dump, recycling center or a charity. Discuss this with the company that the new mattress is being purchased from as they may be able to help arrange to take the old mattress for a small fee. Many local moving companies provide services to pick up and haul away a mattress. 1-800-Got-Junk? and College Hunks Hauling Junk both offer mattress removal at a minimal charge.


One advantage to living in a larger apartment complex is the use of dumpsters. This could be a viable option to toss the mattress as long as it will fit inside the dumpster and not be sitting on the ground next to it.

Marc Werner - Founder, GhostBed

Marc Werner

Founder - GhostBed

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Marc has spent the last two decades designing & manufacturing mattresses and other sleep products, drawing on a lifetime of experience working with the material sciences. With several patents to his name, he works closely with the GhostBed team to create products with the perfect balance of comfort & support. Learn More

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