How to Share a Bed When You Have Different Sleep Schedules

Last Updated on June 17, 2024

by Marc Werner, Founder - GhostBed

If you and your partner have different sleep schedules, it can be tough to share a bed. One of you may be a night owl who loves to stay up late reading or working, while the other is an early riser who's up with the sunrise.

Despite these differences, there are some easy ways to share a bed without disturbing your partner and vice versa. Keep reading to learn our top tips.

A couple shares a Split King Adjustable Bed.

Choose a Low Motion Transfer Mattress

One way to make sharing a bed easier is to invest in a low-transfer memory foam or hybrid mattress, like those in the GhostBed collection. Memory foam is well-known for this—remember the commercials with the glass of red wine that never spills? Look for layers of high-quality foams to keep disruptions to a minimum.

Tip: try looking through customer reviews to get a feel for what people think!

See what people are saying about the GhostBed Classic below.

See What People
Are Saying...
“We both slept great our first night and haven't looked back. I work until late at night, and I don't disturb my wife when I come to bed. It makes zero noise, and you don't feel any movement from another person. We recommend it to anyone!”
Samuel B.

If you opt for a hybrid mattress, look for individually wrapped (or “pocketed”) coils. While traditional innerspring mattresses were known for their bounce, modern-day hybrids are fantastic at motion isolation. Since each coil is an individual unit, you can press down in one spot and it won't cause a ripple effect throughout the rest of the mattress.

Upgrade to a Split King Adjustable Bed

Another option for couples with different sleep schedules is to get a split king adjustable bed. A split king is made up of two twin XL beds placed side-by-side.

It's a great choice for couples, as you have complete control over your side of the bed. Plus, since you're on a completely separate mattress and frame, there's less of a chance of disturbing your partner when you get in and out of bed. If you opt for a base with added features, like the GhostBed Split King, you can even enjoy things like whisper-quiet massage and access to your own USB port.

See what people are saying about the GhostBed Split King Set below.

See What People
Are Saying...
“Great concept. Being able to individually adjust our mattresses for sleeping comfort and reading is truly a great thing. It is also wonderful not to feel my spouse's every move!”
Janice K.

Block Out Sound and Light

Want to stay asleep? Consider investing in earplugs, blackout curtains or a white noise machine. You may need to experiment with what works for you, but these are all great solutions for couples with different sleep schedules.

Experts say that if you're a light sleeper and your partner gets up and starts making noise, it's not the sound itself that wakes you up. Most of the time, it's because of the sudden inconsistencies in sounds. A white noise machine can block out those sudden changes, helping you stay asleep.

As for blackout curtains, experts say that keeping the room dark helps keep your “wakefulness” and “sleep” hormones in check.

Bedtime Bliss for Everyone

Communication is key in any relationship, so keep an open dialogue with your partner about your individual sleep needs. By implementing these solutions, you and your partner can both achieve better quality sleep and improve overall harmony in the relationship.

Still have questions? You can reach our fabulous Sleep Experts today via phone, chat or email. Sweet dreams!

Marc Werner - Founder, GhostBed

Marc Werner

Founder - GhostBed

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Marc has spent the last two decades designing & manufacturing mattresses and other sleep products, drawing on a lifetime of experience working with the material sciences. With several patents to his name, he works closely with the GhostBed team to create products with the perfect balance of comfort & support. Learn More

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