Tips for Healthy Sleeping During Pregnancy

Last Updated on July 13, 2024

by Marc Werner, Founder - GhostBed

Bed sheets need regular washing maintenance to upkeep a clean and healthy bed for promoting a wonderful beneficial sleep. Following specific steps will allow for one to be sure that new bedding and existing sheets have been washed and dried properly.

Everyone needs sleep, but even more important is that children need the right amount of mattress hours in order to help them develop and grow mentally and physically. It is vital to get the best mattress for kids, as experts’ state that 40 percent of childhood is spent sleeping.

Different stages of childhood need varying amounts of sleep. Guidelines showcase that as a child grows their sleep pattern will change and adjust. Caregivers should be aware to make sure that a child is getting the proper number of hours sleep that he or she needs. Babies require the most amount of sleep and then the hours drop off from there. In order to get the best sleep possible, it is a must to get the mattress that will best promote a good night’s sleep for your kid.

I. Sleep Positions During Pregnancy

II. Pregnancy Sleeping Q&A

III. Pillow Support for Pregnant Sleepers

IV. How Much Sleep is Needed While Pregnant

I. Sleep Positions During Pregnancy

Proper positioning for the pregnant woman is vital for comfort and well-being. Before even heading to bed it is important to have a quality comfortable mattress to provide support for the best of sleep possible. With the aid of a great bed, certain sleep positions can help in relieving some pregnancy health issues such as back pain and heartburn.

Stay on the Left

The American Pregnancy Association promotes side sleeping –particularly on the left side. This position is best for moving blood and nutrients from mom’s heart to the placenta by providing the most direct route. While staying on the left side to sleep, the baby will be getting the optimal nourishment needed. This position also works to provide comfort to mom by reducing pressure on the liver and keeping the uterus from being compressed. In addition, more productive breathing and relief from back pain can be achieved from side sleeping.

Back to Relax

For those who just cannot seem to stay on their side then the next best position is to lay down on the back in a reclining position. An adjustable bed base is best for this position as it offers a reclining head mode as well as zero-gravity. In lieu of a bed base that adjusts, one can use pillows to prop up to situate for sleeping reclined. This position is perfect for mommy’s who are seeking relief from heartburn.

Stomach? Not Happening

Although you may have been a stomach sleeper before pregnancy it is obvious your belly will be getting a bit too round to find this position to be comfortable. Even if your mind tries to tell you to sleep on the tummy, your body will shout no and quickly move you to the side or back.

II. Pregnancy Sleeping Q&A

Is it okay to sleep on the back while pregnant?

It is important to note that a pregnant woman should never sleep on her back in a totally flat position as this will cause the uterus to press on the spine, back muscles, and major blood vessels. Mom may experience hemorrhoids and a drop in blood pressure as well. Also in the flat-on-the-back position baby will not get the proper blood flow from mom that is needed. In the third trimester sleeping this way can also increase the risk of a stillbirth.

Does it really matter what side to sleep on while pregnant?

Sleeping on the right side may not increase any health risks. That said, it has been discovered that a mommy-to-be and her baby will get the best benefits to health and comfort when sleeping on the left side. Along with helping the flow of blood and nutrients from mommy to baby, the left side position also aids in the kidneys to rid the body of waste products and fluids.

How can i help myself to stay sleeping on my side while pregnant?

If you are not generally a side sleeper you may need a bit of assistance to help your body find comfort in this position. Try placing a pillow to wedge your back as a way to prevent from rolling over.

Will sleeping on my stomach while pregnant be detrimental to the baby?

Sleeping on the stomach may be okay when your baby bump has not popped yet but as your belly grows your body will naturally move away from this position. If you do manage to fall sleep on the stomach with your growing belly it can put pressure on the baby squeezing it between your spine and the mattress.

III. Pillow Support for Pregnant Sleepers

A New Pillow

It may be time to change the pillow your head rests on as you change sleep positions due to pregnancy. For those who previously slept on their stomach or back, and are now switching to the side, you will want a pillow that is the right height to position the neck so that it sleeps straight. It is important to make sure that the body and head are aligned. Having the head too high or low could possibly cause headaches along with pain in the neck and shoulders.

Pillow Under Top Leg

Place a pillow that has loft, not between the legs, but, under your top leg as you lay on your side. You will want to keep the hip at the same height as your knee and foot. Make sure the pillow is at a comfortable height so that you do not experience painful pulling on the hips or lower back. Keeping your leg aligned with your hip will prevent your body from twisting. This allows for aches in the lower back and hip to find relief by relaxing muscles.

Wedge the Belly and Back

The wedge pillow is a must-have for comfort. This pillow is perfect and works just as it sounds. Wedge the pillow under the belly to give it support as it grows. This will help keep the body in alignment as you sleep for a more comfortable night. Tuck a wedge pillow under the back for support as you try to find a comfortable side sleeping position.

A Pillow Hug

To keep the shoulder from pushing too much into the breast area, a sensitive place during pregnancy, simply hug a favorite head pillow, or even a new stuffed animal you have gotten for baby. This keeps the arms from falling forward as you sleep to prevent pulling pain.

Full Length Pregnancy Pillow

The pregnancy body pillow is often a great solution for those who want one simple pillow to maneuver to lend support. There are several types of body pillows for pregnancy – some are simply straight while others are curved. These are specifically designed to cuddle and hug. Try wrapping legs and arms around it while allowing it to give support to the belly.

IV. How Much Sleep is Needed While Pregnant

A pregnant woman is generally going to find that she will be craving more sleep, and even cat naps, now that she is sleeping for two. With pregnancy, the progesterone levels rise to support the growth of the placenta and the baby’s demand of nutrients. As the belly grows, putting pressure on the bladder, mommy may find sleep disrupted more as she needs to get up for bathroom breaks.
Sleeping on the left side will be optimal for finding the best way to stay asleep as long as possible. As the pregnancy moves on to the final trimester heartburn may also be a factor awakening mom. Finding a comfortable position with the help of the right pillow can help mom get the sleep she needs. Some say that this sleep disruption while pregnant is to prepare mommy for the sleepless nights taking care of baby after birth.
Try to reduce fluids right before bedtime to help reduce the need to wake to go to bathroom. Certainly, avoid foods that will produce heartburn, and may cause insomnia, and a bit of exercise during the day can also help with achieving the sleep at night that is needed when pregnant. It is most important for the pregnant woman to listen to her body and take a rest when she feels tired.

Marc Werner - Founder, GhostBed

Marc Werner

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