GhostBed Adjustable Base vs Tempur-Ergo Plus Review

Last Updated on April 18, 2024

GhostBed vs Amerisleep

Just as memory foam mattresses gained fame because of their comfort factors, adjustable bases are now in vogue for those seeking more bedtime contentment. An adjustable base allows for the bed to not only provide a better position for sleep, but also turns the sleep center into a reclining chair for ease of work and to simply relax.

I. Price (Mattress Clarity)

II. Materials/ Durability (Mattress Clarity)

III. Comfort (Mattress Clarity)

IV. Warranty (Mattress Clarity)

Best Overall Adjustable Base

Bedding companies have been striving to gain the number one spot in the market, battling each other with promising submissions of the best memory foam mattress. These same businesses are upping their game to now offer an adjustable base platform to add even more bedtime comfort. Along with better sleep, you can read about the health benefits of an adjustable bed base.

GhostBed has an adjustable base that rivals that of luxury brand’s Tempur-pedic Tempur-Ergo Plus. With a price of hundreds less, a lifetime warranty, and ease of delivery, GhostBed adjustable base certainly wins over the similarly styled Tempur-Ergo Plus.

Where Tempur-pedic was the trailblazer when it came to memory foam mattresses and an adjustable base, it is now falling behind as it is challenged by other companies. No longer does one need to go to a showroom to buy their bedding. While Tempur-pedic still relies mainly on a brick and mortar store for its products, GhostBed offers a wonderful delivery service bringing items to one’s front doorstep within days of online ordering. With GhostBed’s delivery service one does not need to be home. One must arrange to be home with the white-glove delivery that Tempur-pedic has.

Those with a disposable income of funds may opt for the Temper-pedic mattress and adjustable base, but there is no need when GhostBed offers amazing construction and comfort quality for a cost that is so much less.

I. Price

It is obvious from first look that GhostBed is the clear winner when it comes to comparing price.

II. Materials/Durability

In appearance both GhostBed adjustable base and the Tempur-Ergo Plus offer the same similar contemporary look with a grey fabric cover and steel tubular legs. Both are made with a steel retainer bar, but GhostBed upped the game by adding anti-skid decking for an extra aid to help keep mattress in place. The Tempur-Ergo Plus is a bit lighter at a max of 650 pounds weight capacity compared to GhostBed’s adjustable base at a max of 750 pounds. An important mention is that GhostBed specifically notes its 100-percent steel constructed frame. Both are crafted with under bed lighting.

The wireless remotes for both company’s offer back lighting. GhostBed comes out ahead for its two memory positions, and three preset positions, against the Tempur-Ergo Plus’ only two preset options. Both company’s remotes offer a flat position button. GhostBed adjustable base includes recessed soothing massage units for head and foot with a choice of modes. According to the Tempur-pedic website, massage is not an offered feature for their Tempur-Ergo Plus, as they reserve it for the more expensive Premier model.

While the legs for the GhostBed adjustable base are a fixed 12-inch height, the Tempur-Ergo Plus offers an option to raise their 12-inch legs by two additional inches. Tempur-pedic also offers an option to purchase shorter 9, 6.5, and 4.5-inch legs separately. GhostBed uses a common 110 volts plug and the Tempur-Ergo Plus has a 120-volt input. Both offer battery backup to get beds back to flat position in case of power outage.

Adding its cost-effective price with its construction to rival a top competitor, the GhostBed adjustable base certainly proves its worthiness.

III. Comfort

Seeking the best comfort possible is what is driving people to purchase an adjustable base. The remote control allows for ease of moving the head and foot of bed up and down to achieve the most comfortable of positions. With better positioning of the body those who have health issues with their back, legs, neck, and stomach can achieve a much healthier sleep than lying flat. Both the GhostBed adjustable base and the Tempur-Ergo Plus aim to provide comfort.

GhostBed’s goes a step further by adding the anti-skid decking with the steel retainer bar to assure that a mattress with stay firmly in place as it moves with the adjustable base. GhostBed also takes care in offering massage units for the head and foot, while the Tempur-Ergo Plus offers no massage (Tempur-pedic does offer massage in its most expensive Tempur-Ergo Premier adjustable base).

While both beds offer ability to have presets for common comfortable ergonomic positions, GhostBed offers three presets and the Tempur-Ergo Plus offers only two options. GhostBed also has two memory positions.

The GhostBed adjustable base leads in providing the best in comfort when compared to Tempur-Ergo Plus, as Tempurpedic seems to want to lure consumers to its more expensive Premier base.

IV. Warranty

The GhostBed Adjustable Base Limited Lifetime Warranty allows for the steel and mechanical base parts to be covered for life if they are found to be defective. In addition, GhostBed offers a full one year warranty on parts, labor, and freight in which they will repair or replace any parts discovered defective with no extra cost to consumer. A limited year two warranty from GhostBed covers the replacement of any defective parts but does not include labor and freight. The TEMPUR-Ergo Plus has a full three-year warranty but only a 15-year limited warranty.

GhostBed Adjustable Base is the clear winner with its lifetime warranty.

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