Weighted Blanket Size Guide: Determining the Right Size

Last Updated on January 13, 2022

by Marc Werner, Founder - GhostBed

A weighted blanket can be one’s drug-free answer to finding relief to ease symptoms of anxiety, depression, attention disorders, and an array of neurological and health concerns. Covering with the blanket allows for a deep pressure touch, much like massage, that works to sooth and calm.

Weighted Blanket Sizes

The size of the weighted blanket will depend on what it is to be used for. Those choosing to sleep with the blanket will want it to fit the bed while other may prefer a smaller size that can be used as a comfy throw.

It is important to understand that the weighted blanket is sized much smaller than a traditional blanket or comforter. A blanket that is weighted is meant to not be tucked in and just be draped over the person using it. With this in mind, a weighted blanket fits atop the bed in much of the same fashion as a mattress topper – with the exception that instead of laying atop one is laying under the blanket.

Twin Size

A twin size weighted blanket should be approximately 38-inches by 72-inches. One may want to get a slightly wider blanket in a 50-inches X 72-inches so to fit a growing child who may outgrow the twin bed and move into a full.

Full Size

Although the full-size bed is not a popular size these days it is still used by some – especially in kids’ rooms. Generally, a full-size weighted blanket should run from 50 to 56-inches wide by 72-inches long. A 50-inch X 72-inch weighted blanket will be just the right size to accommodate one person sleeping in a full-size bed.

Queen Size

The Queen size bed is the most popular of bed sizes as it can fit into a room and comfortably accommodate two sleeping partners. This size bed should use a weighted blanket that is around 56 to 62-inces wide by 72 to 80-inches long. A blanket sized 60-inches by 80-inches will fit the Queen bed perfectly. Sleeping partners should be aware that each may want their own weighted blanket to accommodate individual weights. If this is the case, then a couple will want to purchase two smaller blankets.

King Size

The King size bed is a large bed made certainly to comfortably fit two. A king size weighted blanket can prove to be very heavy to lift as well as can be too heavy for one bedmate while being too light for the other. For this reason, it is recommended that two smaller width weighted blankets are purchased to fit on a King mattress as well as accommodate the different weights of the people sleeping on the King bed. Using two weighted blankets are also the perfect option for those bed partners sleeping on a split King Bed.

Child Size

The child size weighted blanket needs to concentrate exclusively on the weight of the child and not the bed size. If a young child is sleeping in a full-size bed, the common adult 50-inch X 72-inch weighted blanket will be too heavy for the child’s weight. Most young children require a weighted blanket of five-pounds regardless of its size.

How Much Should a Weighted Blanket Weigh

As with deep pressure touch stimulation therapy, the weighted blanket works to sooth with its pressure. the weight of the blanket helps to stimulate the brain chemical serotonin which lifts mood, an in turn, boosts the hormone melatonin that tells the body to rest.

For the blanket to work properly it should be between seven and twelve-percent of a body’s weight. This number averages to 10-percent. For a child, the blanket should weigh about 10-percent plus one to two pounds of the young one’s weight. For health concerns one may want to consult their medical professional to get an expert opinion on what weight is best.

10 lb. Weighted Blanket

When using the expert rule of a weighted blanket weighing approximately seven to 12-percent of an individual’s weight, then the 10-lb. weighted blanket will accommodate one who is 83 to 142 pounds depending on if one would like it slightly lighter or heavier.

15 lb. Weighted Blanket

For the person weighing 142 who wants a heavier blanket then they can use the 15-lb. weighted blanket. The 15-lb. blanket can be used by those between 125 and 213 pounds when computing between seven and 12-percent of one’s weight.

20 lb. Weighted Blanket

With the seven to 12-percent calculation the 20-lb. weighted blanket is the answer for those weighing between 167 and 278-pounds. Larger folks can attain more weight by doubling up on blankets. Two 15-lb blankets will sooth one whose weight is 275-pounds or more.

5 lb. Weighted Blanket

The 5-lb. weighted blanket is generally a good weight for children between the ages of two to six. It is especially important to consult your child’s medical professional to determine if the weighted blanket is the right choice – and to verify what weight would be correct.

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