Should You Nap With Your Legs Elevated?

Last Updated on April 18, 2024

by Marc Werner, Founder - GhostBed

Have you heard of the recent trend of 8-minute, Navy-SEAL-inspired naps on TikTok? This trend has sparked an extensive conversation about the benefits of kicking your feet up while resting.

So, should you really nap with your legs elevated? Is this truly the power nap hack you've been waiting for? Keep reading for everything you need to know.

A man kicks his feet up while napping on a couch.

What's a Navy SEAL Nap?

If you search for #8minutenap or #navysealchallenge on social media, you'll see just how viral these videos have become. While the idea has been around for a while, the trend gained a ton of momentum after a popular TikToker, Nick Vitello, shared the hack on his account.

In his video, he explains that this hack is widely used by Navy SEALs and can help you have the “best nap of your life.”

Here's how to do it:

  1. Lie on your back on a flat surface (like the floor or your bed).
  2. Prop your feet up above your heart level. You can use anything from a pile of pillows to your bed to a coffee table.
  3. Stay in this position for eight minutes.

The Benefits of Elevating Your Legs During a Nap

So, what gives? Does elevating your legs during a nap really make a difference?

The truth is, we're not surprised at all to hear about this trend. Naps feel great—that's a given. But kicking up your feet and elevating your legs while you do it? Even better.

In fact, we've heard from thousands of our Adjustable Base customers who swear by the trick every night as they sleep.

Whether you're napping for eight minutes or getting in a solid eight hours at night, elevating your legs can help with:

  • Boosting your circulation. Raised leg poses have long been practiced in yoga as a way to get your blood flowing, and napping in this position can provide a quick boost to help you get through the rest of your day.
  • Reducing the symptoms of swelling. Are you on your feet all day? A quick break with your legs elevated can help reduce any lower body swelling to use gravity to your advantage.
  • Reducing lower back and neck pain. Sitting at a computer all day? If you leave work feeling strained, consider adding a quick nap to your routine. Elevating your legs as you nap helps take the pressure off your lower back.

Plus, elevating your legs just feels good! You can sit back and relax, listen to music or a podcast, or meditate as you give yourself that time to recharge.

Elevating Your Legs: Your Power Nap Secret Weapon

Unlocking the power of a great nap can be tricky in today's busy society. But it's so important to take care of yourself. Here at GhostBed, we believe that quality sleep (and naps) should be a priority.

While we're partial to our Adjustable Base to help you easily raise your feet at the touch of the button, anything that helps you improve your sleep is a win in our book.

Need help finding the right mattress, base, pillows or bedding? Our Sleep Experts are here to help—chat with us today!

Relax and put your feet up (literally) with the luxury GhostBed Adjustable Base. Enjoy independent head and foot adjustability, massage settings and more.

Marc Werner - Founder, GhostBed

Marc Werner

Founder - GhostBed

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Marc has spent the last two decades designing & manufacturing mattresses and other sleep products, drawing on a lifetime of experience working with the material sciences. With several patents to his name, he works closely with the GhostBed team to create products with the perfect balance of comfort & support. Learn More

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