How to Hide an Adjustable Bed Frame: 4 Design Tips

Last Updated on June 17, 2024

by Marc Werner, Founder - GhostBed

Classic, all-white bedroom decor with white walls and wood side tables

Your home reflects your unique style and personality. If you’re considering purchasing an adjustable base, you might be wondering if it will fit into your existing decor.

First, don’t worry: the GhostBed Adjustable Bed Base is expertly designed to have a sleek and stylish look. But if you still want to put your own “spin” on it, there are plenty of ways to do that!

Today, we're sharing how to hide an adjustable bed frame and transform your bedroom into an inviting oasis.

4 Tips For Hiding Your Adjustable Bed Frame

Your sleeping quarters should be a place of respite, where you unwind to give your body the rest it needs. If you don’t love the look of your adjustable frame and you’d like to make it a little less noticeable, the following tips are for you.

1. Use a Bed Skirt

Let’s talk about the low-hanging fruit first. The easiest (and cheapest) way to hide an adjustable bed frame is to use a bed skirt or dust ruffle. Bed skirts are pieces of decorative fabric that hang down from the edge of the mattress, covering the bed frame. This gives the illusion of a more traditional bed. In addition to covering your bed frame, bed skirts can add a touch of color or pattern to a room, helping to tie the space together.

There is one caveat, though: a traditional bed skirt can be a hassle when you have an adjustable bed. The skirt can get caught when you tilt or lift the bed, making it difficult to adjust the sheets. If you're looking for a bed skirt that won't get caught, try one that ties or clips onto the mattress. These bed skirts are easy to put on and take off, and they won't get trapped when you adjust your bed.

2. Install a Bold Headboard

GhostBed Adjustable Base paired with a large headboard.

Another simple idea is to draw the eye away from the bed frame and toward something else in the room. It's a psychological tactic used by the world's top interior design professionals.

A bold headboard is a great way to do this. You can opt for a brightly colored or patterned headboard to add personality and to easily shift the focus away from your frame.

All you’ll need is some universal headboard brackets, sold separately here at GhostBed. Whether you opt for a sleek wooden headboard or a soft, tufted model, there is sure to be an option that will complement the rest of your room.

Please read our guide for more insights on using a headboard with an adjustable base.

3. Add a Stylish Bed Frame

You can also use a bed frame with your adjustable base—some of which have a built-in headboard as part of the design. Just make sure your frame has no drawers or non-removable panels that will get in the way. You want enough clearance for the bed to do its magic.

4. Add a Bench

A bench is used to hide an adjustable bed base.

Another popular option is to add a stylish bench at the foot of your adjustable base. This will hide the frame from view while still allowing you to use it as intended. Of course, the frame will still be visible from the sides, but the front section won't be visible behind your new bench. A bench not only helps unify the style of your room but can also offer additional storage space for extra bed linens. And as an added benefit, a new bench will give you a nice sturdy spot to sit down and put your shoes on.

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Marc Werner - Founder, GhostBed

Marc Werner

Founder - GhostBed

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