GhostBed Adjustable Base vs Lucid Adjustable Base Review

Last Updated on June 7, 2024

by Marc Werner, Founder - GhostBed

GhostBed vs Amerisleep

Just as memory foam mattresses have taken hold as the sleeping surface of choice, for additional comfort, the adjustable base is now being sought out to create an outstanding bedroom experience. With the benefits of an adjustable base, the bedroom has become the favorite room in the home for not only sleep, but work, relaxation, and even dining.

I. Price (Mattress Clarity)

II. Materials/ Durability (Mattress Clarity)

III. Comfort (Mattress Clarity)

IV. Warranty (Mattress Clarity)

Best Overall Adjustable Base

Listening to the buying public, bed manufacturers have stepped up their game in creating mattresses and adjustable bases that add a new meaning to bedtime. The best adjustable base turns the bed into an extra-large reclining chair in which one cannot only get a wonderful night’s sleep, but also charge up devices – with USB ports, and charge up themselves with built-in massage.

Both GhostBed and Lucid pride themselves on offering products at a reasonable cost. Pricing for the adjustable base is the same for both companies. Lucid and GhostBed each offer Twin XL and Queen sizes. GhostBed offers a split King size as well by pairing two Twin XLs. Both companies offer easy ordering online with quick free delivery to one’s door.

GhostBed stepped up its game offering a luxury styled adjustable base at the same low price as Lucid’s L300 bare bones base. Adding to GhostBed base’s quality, its lifetime warranty, and fully appointed add-ons, clearly shows GhostBed as the winner compared to the no frills Lucid adjustable base.

Although similar in appearance, GhostBed has proved its worth with extras found in more expensive brands. Comparing the GhostBed and Lucid remotes one easily can see why GhostBed earns kudos over Lucid for selling a luxury styled, well-equipped, adjustable base for such an affordable price.

If you cannot handle a remote that offers extra memory positions, massage, under bed lighting, and more then maybe the Lucid L300, with its bare bones old-fashioned remote, is the base for you. Those seeking the best of comfort, with extras like massage, makes GhostBed the victor for its adjustable base.

I. Price

Although close in price and free delivery it is important to note that one gets much more for their money with the GhostBed base then they will with the Lucid. With such extras like massage, extra memory positions, and preset positions, it is obvious why the GhostBed adjustable base comes out ahead when comparing price.

II. Materials/Durability

The GhostBed adjustable base and Lucid adjustable base are very alike in appearance. The single standout upon first look of the Queen size is that GhostBed has one retainer bar and Lucid has two. Both bases are constructed with a grey fabric covering and tubular legs. The GhostBed and Lucid each allow for up to 750-pound weight capacity.

Both bases come with USB charging ports and remotes that include a flashlight, but this is where the similarities end. GhostBed steps up on quality with extra anti-skid decking to assure that a mattress will stay in place on its 100-percent steel constructed frame. The GhostBed also has under bed lighting controlled by remote.

The wireless remotes for the Lucid and GhostBed bases are notably different. With its remote Lucid only offers head and foot control, one memory position, a flat position button, and a flashlight. In addition to head and foot controls, and a flat position, the backlit GhostBed remote features two memory positions and three preset positions – including zero-gravity. The GhostBed remote also includes buttons for head and foot massage, as well as a button for massage modes and a timer setting.

GhostBed explicitly explains that its base uses a common 110 volts plug with a battery backup to allow bed to return to flat position in case there is a loss of electric. Lucid makes no mention if their base can adjust to a flat position in case of power outage.

There is no comparison for the quality and extras one gets with a GhostBed Adjustable Base at the same price as the no-frills Lucid base. GhostBed definitely wins for its attention to construction quality, details, and extras.

III. Comfort

The purpose for purchasing an adjustable base is the desire for comfort. Health issues involving heart, back, legs, neck, and stomach can easily be soothed with positioning of the head and feet using the wireless remote.

USB ports that allow for easy device charging are found in both the GhostBed and Lucid bases. The GhostBed base is built with added recessed soothing massage units for head and foot and a choice of modes to control with the remote.

While Lucid offers a base and remote that allows for movement of the head and feet it only allows for one memory setting and does not provide extra soothing comfort of massage. With three presets, along and two additional personal memory settings, the GhostBed remote can easily find a favorite position.

Aiming to provide comfort is reason that GhostBed and Lucid are now offering adjustable bases. With its many extra comfort amenities for the same price as Lucid, GhostBed most certainly comes out the winner in providing the best of comfort.

IV. Warranty

The GhostBed Adjustable Base Limited Lifetime Warranty allows for the steel and mechanical base parts to be covered for life if they are found to be defective. In addition, GhostBed offers a full one year warranty on parts, labor, and freight in which they will repair or replace any parts discovered defective with no extra cost to consumer. A limited year two warranty from GhostBed covers the replacement of any defective parts but does not include labor and freight.

Lucid’s ten-year warranty is no comparison for the GhostBed warranty. Lucid simply states that it provides an “extensive 10-year pro-rated warranty.”

The lifetime warranty for the GhostBed adjustable base places GhostBed at the top.

Marc Werner - Founder, GhostBed

Marc Werner

Founder - GhostBed

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Marc has spent the last two decades designing & manufacturing mattresses and other sleep products, drawing on a lifetime of experience working with the material sciences. With several patents to his name, he works closely with the GhostBed team to create products with the perfect balance of comfort & support. Learn More

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