Which is Best: Foundation vs Boxspring

Last Updated on November 17, 2020

by Marc Werner, Founder - Ghostbed

The coil spring mattress traditionally came with its boxspring mate. The two pieces together made up the bed. Now there are other alternatives of foundations for one to place their mattress upon. Depending on the type of mattress, preference of sleeping and type of décor one prefers, the once necessary boxspring may no longer be considered one’s best and only option.

A Box of Springs

Exactly how it sounds, the boxspring is an actual box filled with springs designed as a mate for its mattress to sit on top of. The original design of the boxspring is a wooden box crafted to contain coiled springs that are tied down and covered with cloth to act as a supportive spring bed for the mattress. Spring coil mattresses are designed in coordination with their matching boxsprings so it is typically advised to not mix a spring mattress with a boxspring that was not made to be mated with it.

The boxspring and mattress are usually placed on a bed frame. As a companion to the mattress the boxspring serves three purposes.

  • It serves as a lift to raise the mattress in order for one to have the bed at a comfortable height in order to easily get into and out of bed.
  • With its spring coils mating with the mattresses spring coils, the boxspring works to take in some of the shock from normal use, as well as serve to help limit any undo wear to the mattress.
  • The boxspring is made to be a strong and sound structure the same size as the bed specifically for the mattress to have a flat stable foundation to lay on top of.

An important issue to remember when considering the boxspring is that it arrives as a solid piece of furniture the size of the mattress, although King beds often have two split boxsprings. Unlike the mattress it cannot bend at all. This is important to understand when moving a boxspring up a flight of stairs or around tight corners. If purchasing a box spring make sure to measure and verify that you will be able to get it into the bedroom.

Foundation of Choice

For those choosing a mattress, other than a coil spring there is no need for a boxspring at all. Even those who still have a spring mattress can opt for a different type of foundation. Although the old box of springs type foundation is no longer the only choice, one will want to still use a foundation for their mattress in order to lift it off the floor and away from dust and allergens and make it a decent height to effortlessly get in to and out of bed. A foundation can be crafted from a solid wood platform or using a frame with wood slats.

With no need to have a box to hold springs for a mattress, there are multiple foundation choices for you to use for a mattress.

  • An unassuming wood platform foundation will give the décor a clean and neat appearance. This contemporary look can be achieved with a floating solid wood shelf on top of a base or mixed with metal legs. Headboards and footboards can be added as well depending on preference.
  • A plain solid wood box can easily be assembled in the bedroom as a foundation for the mattress to be placed on. GhostBed is the only online mattress company that offers a matching boxspring for their bed. The GhostBed wood foundation is ready to be assembled complete with a cover designed to match the GhostBed memory foam mattress.
  • Drawers and doors are perfect to give a foundation the double duty of holding up a mattress as well as providing much needed useful storage space neatly under your bed. There are even ottoman foundations that have mechanisms to lift up a mattress to reveal storage space underneath within the frame of the foundation.
  • The adjustable foundation base is gaining in popularity as more people use their mattresses for more than just sleep time. This base turns the bed into a giant lounger that allows one to raise their heads and feet for ultimate comfort to snack, read and watch TV.

A boxspring is a foundation although not every foundation is a boxspring. The foundations crafted with spring coils are the only authentic boxsprings. Only spring mattresses will have a need for an actual boxspring, while foundations of choice can be used for just about any type of mattress. Along with choosing the mattress that is the best option for your needs you will also want to put into consideration what your needs and wants are for its foundation.

Marc Werner - Founder, GhostBed

Marc Werner

Founder - GhostBed

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After undergoing three neck surgeries, Marc knew what it was like to live and sleep in constant pain. In 2001, after searching fruitlessly for a comfortable pillow and mattress that supported his neck and back ... Learn More

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