Guide: Best Tips & Mattress for Sex

Last Updated on June 17, 2024

by Marc Werner, Founder - GhostBed

Are you looking for a great bed for sex? Read our comprehensive guide on achieving a comfortable place to enjoy intimate activity, along with the best mattress to buy.

I. Benefits for Sex

II. Sleep Positions for Sex

III. Sex Sleeping Tips

IV. Sex Sleeping FAQ’s

V. GhostBed Sex Sleeper Reviews

The bed may be the center for a peaceful night’s sleep but it is also a favorite spot for couples to enjoy the intimate activity of sex. The act of sex is a time to grow and enhance a relationship. So, having the best mattress for sex is of utmost importance to enjoy each other’s love in the most comfortable way possible.
Whether just cuddling, or enjoying some athletics of Olympian quality, a couple can go through an array of sexual activities with the bed taking center stage. Of course, with sex leading to sleep, partners need a mattress capable of not only being the spot to get intimate, but also the place to drift off to dreamland. The perfect foreplay to enjoying each other in bed would be to begin by shopping together to find the best bed for sex as well.

I. Benefits for Sex

Exercise Profit

Not only is sex an enjoyable activity but it is also aerobic and muscle stretching which mean that you also get to count your intimate playdate as a session of exercise. Research has indicated that sex can burn five calories per minute. So not only is it an enjoyable form of entertainment, but it gives you an extra benefit that TV will never give you. Those who enjoy a more active sex life will of course see the profit from this form of exercise grow.

Sleep Better

It stands to reason that after any form of rigorous exercise the body and mind will be tired and want to drift off. Added to the fact that sex is exercise, is that after some fun intimate action the body releases the chemical oxytocin. This is the magic potion that makes you want to drift off to dreamland. Sex proves the best medicine to relieve insomnia.

Stress Reliever

The act of being intimate through snuggling, hugging and more, creates a security that reduces stress and anxiety. A Yale study concluded that daily sexual activity allows for growth of cells in the part of the brain known as the hippocampus. With this area of the brain being responsible for setting stress levels, the study found that with more sex the more the hippocampus is triggered to reduce stress. In addition, the stress hormone cortisol is also seen to be reduced in people who are more sexually active.

Heart Health

Although you may feel as if your heart is racing during a dance in bed, sex is actually helping to reduce the risk for one to have a heart attack. Studies have found that men who regularly engage in sex, at least two times a week, as compared to those who do not have the opportunity to enjoy sex regularly, are less probable to pass away from heart disease. Amorous activity keeps the levels of estrogen and testosterone hormones balanced, which reduces the risk of osteoporosis, as well as heart disease.

II. Sleep Positions for Sex

Big Spoon, Little Spoon

When the larger of the couple, the big spoon, holds the smaller of the couple, the little spoon, it is very sensual as the bodies seem to fit perfectly together. This is a wonderful sleep position for before and after some mattress activity. It makes all feel a sense of security, warmth and calmness, allowing for a great sleep.

Intertwined as If One

Wrapped within each other’s arms and legs allows for a couple to feel as if they are one. Partners cannot find a closer position. Being intertwined allows for sexual pillow talk and great cuddling to get into the mood. It is also a great way for the couple to continue to feel the closeness after sex as they drift off to sleep.

Head on Shoulder

Resting a head on your lover’s shoulder allows for one to feel a sense of being protected by your loved one. While a mate lays on in the back position, the other snuggles up on his or her side resting the head gently on the other’s shoulder. This is a wonderful position when just lying down for a bit of relaxation and talk before some fun. It also works after sex to assure security and love as both fall to sleep.

III. Sex Sleeping Tips

  • So, it might not seem romantic to plan sex, but it can help when it comes to getting the sleep you both need. Make a date to get into bed at least 30 minutes before you usually know you tend to fall asleep. This will give you time for sexy talk, snuggling and some fun activity, while still assuring to get a proper night’s sleep.
  • Sometimes just by buying a new mattress will help couples to sleep better together. Perhaps your bed is old and sagging in the middle causing you both to roll uncomfortably towards the middle. Maybe it is just time to move from a Queen to a King size to allow more space for comfort. Consider purchasing the best mattress for couples which would generally be a universally firm bed. Memory foam will give to individual needs allowing for different weights and sleep positions to be totally supported.
  • Sex can heat up the bed so keep the room at a cooler temperature. This will allow for soothing cool comfort to counteract the friction firing up between the sheets. Once the lovemaking is over take a breather in the coolness of the room to just relax in each other’s arms to glide off to dreamland.

IV. Sex Sleeping FAQ’s

Is it a good idea to wake a partner in the middle of sleep for sex?

The consensus on this question is usually no. Once someone is soundly asleep he or she is not going to be want to be woken up for anything so obviously getting woken for sex would not be considered enticing foreplay. Instead hold out for the morning or next evening when both of you are awake and deciding together to have some sexual fun.

When can we sync a sex life when on different sleep schedules?

Many couples juggle different work and sleep schedules. Find a common time when you both can make a date to meet under the covers. Perhaps morning as one is waking and the other just arrives home from work. Try to schedule at least one day a week that you can have off together to gain some couple time.

V. GhostBed Sex Sleeper Reviews

Sex can be a very vigorous activity that requires a good base to perform on. The mattress needs to be comfortable for fun as well as to entice the best sleep possible. Memory foam can prove to be a best mattress for sex as it bounces back instantly as well as conforms to all body positions.

GhostBed is an ideal mattress for sex fun, with real customers reviewing their experience.

Marc Werner - Founder, GhostBed

Marc Werner

Founder - GhostBed

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Marc has spent the last two decades designing & manufacturing mattresses and other sleep products, drawing on a lifetime of experience working with the material sciences. With several patents to his name, he works closely with the GhostBed team to create products with the perfect balance of comfort & support. Learn More

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