GhostBed vs Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review

Last Updated on June 7, 2024

Memory foam mattresses has become the bedding of choice for how they are designed to evenly support body weight. With the promise of a better night’s sleep and the relief of an achy body people are looking to purchase memory foam beds. Manufacturers are listening working to design the best foam mattress possible. With so many companies vying to be number one the consumer needs to read the reviews and research in order to make an informed decision when it comes to making their mattress purchase.

Best Overall Mattress

By allowing the even distribution of weight, the memory foam mattress works to help alleviate aches and pains among individual pressure points, inviting a better night’s sleep. Each manufacturer has worked to design their own beds that promise to deliver the best sleep experience possible. GhostBed Mattress has been a constant winner against competitors in design, construction, comfort and affordability. Although lagging slightly behind, Brooklyn Bedding is running nose to nose with GhostBed. GhostBed does clearly come out with a big lead as far its affordable price for its amazing workmanship.

With the mattress wars on it is important to understand that you can get a quality mattress at a very affordable price with amazing delivery and wonderful trial period. Even with Saavta offering two thickness levels, GhostBed comes in as a tie for materials and durability. As far as price GhostBed easily wins over Brooklyn Bedding giving an even more peaceful sleep knowing that you are saving money. For those who desire a choice of mattress levels for more money then consider Brooklyn Bedding, but grouping price, materials, comfort and warranty, along with GhostBed’s amazing trial period, then GhostBed is the true champion.

Brooklyn Bedding

Chart that breaks down the Pros and Cons

Compiled as per Sleep Sherpa GhostBed and Brooklyn Bedding reviews and Mattress Clarity GhostBed and Brooklyn Bedding reviews and Sleepopolis GhostBed and Brooklyn Bedding reviews

GhostBed Brooklyn Bedding
I. Price (Sleep Sherpa) 9.3 8.9
II. Materials/Durability (Mattress Clarity) 9.2 9.0
II. Comfort (Mattress Clarity) 8.6 8.4
IV. Warranty (Mattress Clarity) 9.6 9.2
V. TRIAL PERIOD (Sleepopolis) 10 10

The NASA invention of memory foam has turned into a heaven on Earth sleep experience. This remarkable foam is very pliable making it perfect to bend and roll to vacuum seal tightly into a box that is delivered to one’s door without waiting for a specified delivery time. Once received the mattress is unboxed and unsealed from its wrapping to open and expand in place ready to sleep on. Sleep Sherpa, Mattress Clarity and Sleepopolis have done the research and compiled reviews to assist consumers in choosing between the GhostBed and Brooklyn Bedding bed-in-a-box mattress.

I. Price

Brooklyn Bedding
Size GhostBed *Brooklyn Signature
Twin $1,750.00 $875.00 $599
Twin XL $1,895.00 $948.00 $649
Full $2,195.00 $1,098.00 $799
Queen $2,495.00 $1,248.00 $949
Traditional Size
$2,895.00 $1,448.00 $1,149
Cal King
Longer but Narrow
$2,945.00 $1,473.00 $1,149

*Prices might not reflect current promos

Both companies offer the standard six size choices in mattresses including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and Cal-King. Brooklyn Bedding adds to choices Full XL, Queen short and a Split Cal-King. In addition, Brooklyn Bedding also gives a choice of firmness at the same price point for each size, although as noted by Sleepopolis, “The vast majority of sleepers, about 80% in fact, prefer a medium firmness level. So unless you know for sure you like very soft or very firm, chances are you probably will be most happy with the medium firmness level.” Pricing is similar but when it comes to getting more quality workmanship for your money GhostBed delivers with its 11-inch high mattress versus Brooklyn Bedding’s ordinary 10-inch high bed. Both companies offer free shipping.

II. Materials/Durability

Brooklyn Bedding

Once again GhostBed gets high grades for its 11-inch high mattress over Brooklyn Beddings common 10-inch high mattress. Manufactured by parent company of Nature’s Sleep, known for their years of quality constructing and designing, GhostBed’s design showcases experience as noted by Mattress Clarity.

“Experience showed, in that the mattress felt very well made and the transition between the layers was seamless.”

The seamless experience is achieved with how GhostBed’s three unique layers are blended together to make up the mattress. The 1.5-inch top layer is made of aerated latex foam, specifically designed to be naturally responsive, plush and to provide cooling. A 2-inch middle layer is made of gel memory foam designed with a proprietary formula of larger cells to make it more reactive to the body for cooler nights. The 7.5-inch foundation layer is constructed from high density foam to allow for increased support and longevity.

Not much hoopla is given to Brooklyn Bedding construction. Simply, it is made up of 2-inches of Talalay latex, 2-inches of Dunlop latex and 6-inches of high density polyfoam. It is stated by Mattress Clarity, “The cover is a quilted cotton polyester blend. It is quilted with 3/4-inch tick of polyfoam, giving it a somewhat plush feel on top.”

Important to note is that the Brooklyn Bedding mattress cover can only be spot cleaned while the GhostBed is a winner with their mattress cover that can be zipped off for machine washing.

III. Comfort

Brooklyn Bedding

They may be close but again GhostBed has the lead in comfort. Their 11-inch mattress thickness provides the extra comfort and support to place it on top. Mattress Clarity states GhostBed’s ability to provide comfort for all sleeping positions, “The GhostBed offers good support and comfort in any sleeping position, whether you’re on your side, stomach, or back.” Also noted is that this mattress provides comfort without feeling like you are stuck in, “The GhostBed bounces back fairly quickly (for a foam mattress) due to the top layer of latex. The extra spring is enough to make sure you avoid that ‘stuck’ feeling that is common in memory foam mattresses.” Mattress Clarity also comments that the top latex layer works in its aim for cool sleeping.

Brooklyn Bedding was given points for those who do not like sleeping hot, as well as for those who enjoy amorous activities with its springy latex. Note by Mattress Clarity, “The mattress has some serious bounce, so beware for someone looking for a traditional memory foam feel.”

IV. Warranty

20-Year Warranty
Brooklyn Bedding
10-Year Warranty

GhostBed continues to standout above other companies for its GhostBed Mattress 20-year warranty. GhostBed promises to fully replace the mattress if found to have a defect in the first ten years of ownership to the original owner. For years 11 through 20 of ownership GhostBed provides additional coverage and protection, stating that they will either repair a defected mattress or replace it at a prorated cost.

With a 10-year warranty Brooklyn Bedding is lagging behind. Noted on website, “Warranty begins the date you purchase the mattress and cannot be transferred. If a defect occurs during the warranty period, Brooklyn Bedding will repair or replace the defective product and in a reasonable amount of time.”

V. Trial Period

Brooklyn Bedding

GhostBed has met its match when it comes to having a great trial period. GhostBed’s 101-day sleep trial has always been a leader. Brooklyn Bedding offers a whopping 120-night trial period. Both ask to try the mattresses for at least 30 days.

* Some of the reviewers may have affiliate relationships with GhostBed and receive a commission, similar with other mattress suppliers and consistent with industry practices.

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