GhostBed Adjustable Base vs Reverie 4M Adjustable Base

Last Updated on June 7, 2024

With the adjustable bed base becoming the foundation of choice for all seeking to add additional comfort to work with their memory foam mattress. Adding amenities of built-in massage, along with zero-gravity, TV, custom programable positions, and other options, the adjustable base makes the bed more than just a mere place to sleep.

GhostBed vs Reverie 4M Adjustable Base

Best Overall Adjustable Base

As more and more people are focusing on making the bed a complete home comfort station, bedding companies are upping their game to offer the best adjustable base. With the memory foam mattress as the most popular bed of choice, the adjustable foundation is the mattress’ perfect lifestyle mate to garner many health benefits and the best of sleep.

Comparing bases, it is clear that the GhostBed adjustable base is the best overall victor compared to Reverie’s similar 4M adjustable foundation. Factoring price for features alone one will instantly be drawn to the GhostBed base. Once one compares GhostBed’s and Reverie’s 4M options it is obvious that the GhostBed adjustable base wins out over Reverie.

It is obvious that GhostBed is the clear winner when adding to its durability, comfort and features, its limited lifetime warranty compared to Reverie’s 20-year limited warranty. GhostBed builds and sells their base directly from GhostBed with free delivery to one’s front door. The Reverie base must be purchased from a third party which can vary when it comes to price and any delivery charges.

I. Price

II. Features Breakdown

III. Materials/ Durability

IV. Comfort

V. Warranty


Size GhostBed REVERIE 4M
( prices)
TWIN XL (38” X 80”) $999 $999
QUEEN (60” X 80”) $1199 $1,099
SPLIT KING (2 – TWIN XL)(76” X 80”) $5,190.00 $2,595.00 $1,999

GhostBed wins for their low price compared to the Reverie 4M adjustable base.

II. Features Breakdown

class="go-left">Features class="go-left">GhostBed class="go-left">Reverie 4M
Massage Modes 15 Modes 3 patterns, 10 intensities
Massage Intensity Levels 10, 20 and 30 minute timers for auto shut down Choice of 3 massage wave speeds with alternating option
Lounge Yes No
Tilts Head & Foot Head & Foot
Factory Preset Positions 3 – TV, Zero Gravity, Lounge 2 – Zero Gravity, Snore
Flat Yes Yes
Tv Yes No
Zero-Gravity Yes Yes
Memory Custom Programmable Positions 2 2
Remote Wireless, Backlit, 18 functions Wireless, Backlit, 16 functions
Emergency Power Down Yes – Auto to flat in power outage Yes – Auto to flat in power outage
Sync Capable Yes – Two Twin XL can be synced for one King Yes – Two Twin XL can be synced for one King
Height Adjustability Fixed 12 inches Yes – 3-inch, 5.25-inch, 8-inch
No. of Legs 6 4
USB Ports Yes – On each side No
Mattress Retention System Anti-Skid Decking, Retainer Bar ProGrip Technology, Corner Retainer Bars
Under-bed lighting Yes No
Remote Flashlight Yes No
Warranty Full 1 year – Parts, Labor, Freight Limited 2nd year – Parts
Limited Lifetime – Steel Frame, Mech Base Parts
Full 1 year – Parts, Labor, Freight Limited 2nd & 3rd year – Parts
25-Year Limited – Steel Frame, Mech Base Parts

III. Materials/Durability

The GhostBed and Reverie 4M are similar in appearance with a grey fabric wrapped base atop a metal frame. Both companies ship their bases ready to assemble.

Both bases assemble easily. GhostBed does not require any tools and the Reverie comes with an allen wrench to aid assembly. Two people should lift the heavy bases for safety reasons, but only one person is needed for assembly. GhostBed makes assembly easy with linking bolts that simply turn down and slide into brackets to connect sections.

GhostBed and Reverie both require feet to be screwed into place. There are six legs on the GhostBed and four for the Reverie. The GhostBed feet are a fixed at a 12-inch height and there are three height choices for the Reverie feet. The single retainer bar for the GhostBed simply is slid into place whereas Reverie requires a bit of elbow grease to install its corner retainer bars..

To assist in keeping the mattress from slipping as the base moves, both manufacturers offer anti-slip technology. The GhostBed adjustable base has a full anti-skid decking to hold any mattress in place. Reverie uses a similar technology for mattress retention called ProGrip.

A lot of weight can be handled by both company’s bases with GhostBed being able to take on a 750-pound lift capacity and Reverie holding a smidgen more at 850-pounds. Both the GhostBed and Reverie bases are built from steel.

The wonderful feature of under bed lighting can only be found on the GhostBed base. GhostBed offers built in USB ports on each side of their base. Reverie makes no mention of offering USB ports.

Backlit wireless remotes come with both the GhostBed and Reverie and both allow for remote to be synced along with beds for a split King. With its three preset options plus programable memory options along with massage and a built-in flashlight, the GhostBed remote wins over the Reverie remote with less preset options and no flashlight.

Both offer emergency battery backup to position bed back to flat option in case of power option. GhostBed uses a common 110 volts’ plug compared to Reverie’s 120-volt input.

GhostBed Adjustable Base Layers

IV. Comfort

Comfort is key when seeking to purchase the best in a memory foam mattress as well as the base it is placed upon. GhostBed has conducted its research for creating its remote combining the comfort of massage along with preset and programable options. Along with massage, Reverie has two programable options but lacks in presets compared to GhostBed.

GhostBed remote has 18 functions compared to the 16 on the Reverie remote. In addition to preset TV, zero-gravity, and lounge positions, the GhostBed remote allows for one to custom program two memory positions. Add to that GhostBed’s 15 modes of massage that work with recessed soothing massage units inside adjustable base. The GhostBed remote has a built-in flashlight feature that the Reverie remote lacks.

The Reverie does offer a zero-gravity position plus an anti-snore position. Those without snoring problems will long for the TV and lounge presets that the GhostBed remote has and Reverie does not. Reverie offers several massage options on its remote settings.

Reverie does offer an add-on Bluetooth Mobile Module option, but when reading the app reviews one will certainly not want to pay more to connect their smartphone when they already have a remote.

V. Warranty

There is no question that GhostBed is the certain winner with its GhostBed Adjustable Base Limited Lifetime Warranty over Reverie’s 20-Year Limited Warranty.

The GhostBed warranty includes a full one year warranty on parts, labor, and freight. In the first year of ownership GhostBed will repair or replace any parts discovered defective with no extra cost to consumer. A limited year two warranty from GhostBed covers the replacement of any defective parts less labor and freight. The GhostBed Adjustable Base Limited Lifetime Warranty covers steel and mechanical base parts for life if they are found to be defective.

As with the GhostBed, Reverie has full coverage for the first year of ownership. From year two until year five Reverie will offer replacement parts – less labor and freight. The Reverie steel base and its mechanical base parts will be covered for up to 20-years if found defective.

* Some of the reviewers may have affiliate relationships with GhostBed and receive a commission, similar with other mattress suppliers and consistent with industry practices.

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