Ghostbed Vs. Nectar Mattress Comparison

Last Updated on July 13, 2024

Deciding between a GhostBed and Nectar mattress? We’re here to help!

Keep reading to discover how GhostBed and Nectar compare in price, quality, comfort and more.

GhostBed vs Nectar

Best Mattress Overall

No time to read the full review? Here’s a quick rundown of how GhostBed and Nectar stack up:

Also good to know: GhostBed was founded by a materials expert with decades of experience in the manufacturing industry, while Nectar was founded by a financial services professional.

Consumers searching for a high-quality, US-made, foam-based mattress with excellent customer reviews will love GhostBed mattresses.

Materials and Quality

One of the best ways to assess the quality of a product is to look at who makes it. Marc Werner, the founder of GhostBed, comes from a family with a 100+ year legacy of manufacturing products in the United States and Canada.

Marc’s grandfather started the Werner Ladder company, best known for inventing aluminum and fiberglass ladders.

You don’t want to mess around with a low-quality ladder—it’s a major safety concern—so Marc was taught to be diligent about creating the sturdiest, most reliable products.

When Marc got older and sports injuries led him to struggle with uncomfortable sleep, it was natural for him to invent a mattress to better support his body. Each mattress he’s developed since is made with the same unprecedented comfort, support, and emphasis on quality he was raised to appreciate.

Of course, he followed in his family’s footsteps and had his mattresses made in the United States and Canada, where he still takes a hands-on approach to the formulation of GhostBed’s mattresses today.

Marc has been leading the development of industry-best mattresses since 2001.

Nectar’s founder, Craig Schmeizer, worked in financial services before founding Nectar in 2016 and outsourcing manufacturing to China.

GhostBed uses high-density foam as the base layer for all of its beds for a more supportive mattress.


The base layer of your mattress is a lot like the foundation of your home—so it must be high quality. That’s why GhostBed uses high-density foam as the base layer for all of its beds, leading to less sagging and a more supportive mattress.

GhostBed tops the base foam with additional layers—like springs, gel memory foam or latex, depending on the model you choose—so you get an ideal balance of support and comfort. Customers report far less pain and sounder sleep after switching to a GhostBed mattress.

GhostBed also uses cooling technology in every mattress, including patented materials in their Luxury and Premium collections. Our proprietary Ghost Ice technology, for example, absorbs and repels heat to create a cool sleeping environment.

Each mattress in the Nectar line is formulated with five layers: a standard foam support layer followed by several dynamic and high-density layers and a cool quilted cover.

Reviews on Nectar’s design are mixed, with over 600 one-star reviews remarking on pain and other issues caused by the mattresses. That is if the mattresses arrived at all! Many upset customers comment that their mattresses never arrived or got there weeks later than they were supposed to.



In general, customers are happier with GhostBed than Nectar. GhostBed’s customers give their purchases a rating of 4.8, while Nectar’s customers give them a 4.7.

Consumers who toss and turn at night will especially find GhostBed Classic and Flex mattresses to be more comfortable. This is because the mattresses respond quickly to changes in pressure and motion.

Mattress Guides praises the GhostBed Classic for “[bouncing] back quickly, primarily because of its innovative latex top layer.”

On the other hand, Naplab’s testing found that the Nectar Mattress took a full 2.8 seconds longer to respond to changes in movement and pressure than the GhostBed Luxe. When you’re trying to get a good night of rest, every second counts!

In a comparison of Nectar’s mattress line to three of GhostBed’s mattresses, Naplab also found that GhostBed is more supportive. They note “GhostBed is especially better with respect to edge support and sex.”

Plus, GhostBed mattresses are designed with cooling in mind. For example, the GhostBed Luxe is created with our proprietary Ghost Ice fabric, cooling fiber and gel memory foam–all to ensure you never overheat while you sleep.

Nectar formulates its most cooling mattress–the Premier Copper–with a temperature regulating gel foam.


Considering investing in an all-foam GhostBed or Nectar mattress? Here’s how GhostBed Classic and The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress compare:

Interested in a hybrid mattress? Here’s how GhostBed Flex and Nectar Premier stack up:

*Note: Prices are accurate as of 3/29/2023.

While GhostBed mattresses sometimes require a higher initial investment than Nectar’s mattresses, the adage “you get what you pay for” rings true here.

One reviewer who purchased a Nectar mattress for its low upfront cost commented that they are “sleeping on [their] old mattress on the ground, without a box spring, that caused back pain, because it's less painful than the Nectar.”

GhostBed’s mattresses, while slightly higher in initial cost, reflect decades of craftsmanship and manufacturing in the United States and Canada. Plus, lightning-fast shipping means you’ll be enjoying your purchase right away.

For an investment you’ll spend an average of eight or more years with, we think it’s worth the money. (Especially since we’re frequently running some of the best sales you’ll find!)

Trial Period and Warranty

GhostBed and Nectar both provide generous trial periods. GhostBed gives you 101 days to decide on your mattress, while Nectar gives you 365 days.

At GhostBed, we’re confident you’ll love your mattress long before 101 days have passed because we’re dedicated to helping you find the right one!

Our mattress quiz is designed to help you identify the mattress that best supports your body. Our sleep experts are also ready to give you one-on-one help. You can call, email, chat with us, or book a virtual consultation to find your perfect mattress.

GhostBed and Nectar both offer industry-leading warranties, with GhostBed providing a 20-year limited warranty for its Classic mattress and 25 years (limited) for all other mattresses in the GhostBed line.

While Nectar does offer a “lifetime warranty,” it’s important to read the fine print. Nectar’s warranty is activated if your mattress has a visible indentation greater than 1.5”. Meanwhile, GhostBed’s warranty is activated if your mattress has an indentation of just 1”.

Explore GhostBed Mattresses

For most people, GhostBed’s high quality and extra attention to responsive and cooling materials are a better investment than Nectar. Explore the full line of GhostBed mattresses to find the perfect fit for you.

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