GhostBed Adjustable Base vs Amerisleep Adjustable Base Review

Last Updated on June 7, 2024

GhostBed vs Amerisleep

As memory foam has taken the lead as the bed of choice, people are now seeking to purchase an adjustable base to enhance the comfortability of their mattress. The adjustable base will not only improve sleep but also presents a place to relax, work, and even snack, turning the bedroom into more than just a place for slumber.

I. Price (Mattress Clarity)

II. Materials/ Durability (Mattress Clarity)

III. Comfort (Mattress Clarity)

IV. Warranty (Mattress Clarity)

Best Overall Adjustable Base

Bed manufacturers have taken note to the shout out from consumers seeking more from their beds then a mere place to catch some sleep. After working to create the best memory foam mattress to enhance sleep, bedding companies are now adding an adjustable base to create a total sleep center experience.

GhostBed has developed an adjustable base that stands up against the much more pricey Amerisleep adjustable base. Comparing GhostBed’s low price for its quality, plus a lifetime warranty, and easy delivery and the GhostBed base certainly comes out the victor compared to the Amerisleep adjustable base.

Amerisleep follows in the footsteps of more expensive bed brands with the option of a white glove setup service, otherwise your base will be left at the curb. The 2-3-week shipping wait, along with the unnerving curbside delivery, of the Amerisleep adjustable base alone makes it lag way behind the quick arriving at your door GhostBed adjustable base. One must wait for a delivery truck to arrive and then struggle to carry the Amerisleep, up to 700 pounds, base from the curb into the home, or pay an extra $399 white glove setup fee. No need to be home to receive the GhostBed base as it will be placed at the door ready for one to easily bring right into the abode.

If you do not mind spending hundreds of dollars more and wait weeks for delivery of an adjustable base that you will then have to carry from the curb, or pay even more for a special delivery, then go with Amerisleep. For those who want wonderful comfort and construction quality with luxury extras, like massage and USB ports, for a very reasonable cost then the GhostBed base is the overall winner.

I. Price

Amerisleep may offer one bed size option more, with its full-size submission, but it certainly lags behind in providing your money’s worth compared to GhostBed. Research has led GhostBed to conclude that consumers who seek to buy an adjustable base are adults who favor three sizes: Twin XL, Queen, and the split king (combining two twin XL’s).

With Amerisleep charging from double to three times the price of the affordable GhostBed, it is clear why the GhostBed adjustable base is the winner for price comparison.

II. Materials/Durability

Both GhostBed adjustable base and the Amerisleep adjustable base are similar in appearance crafted with a fabric covering and steel tubular legs. The GhostBed has a cover that is a soft grey color while Amerisleep’s is black. At a maximum weight of 750 pounds, GhostBed is only a smidgen heavier than Amerisleep’s maximum weight of 700 pounds. Both bases are designed with under bed lighting.

GhostBed assures solid construct with six legs holding up the 100-percent steel constructed frame. Assuring to keep a mattress from sliding the GhostBed adjustable base includes a steel retainer bar along with anti-skid decking. Amerisleep pledges that their base, with a MicroHook retention system, does not require a retainer bar.

The remotes for both company’ bases are wireless with GhostBed specifically noting its’ has back lighting. GhostBed leads for a remote that has two memory positions, and three preset positions over Amerisleep’s only two memory positions. Amerisleep offers an extra pillow adjustment setting along with the head and foot. The remote for each company has a flat position option as well as massage buttons for head and foot. Amerisleep does have Apple and Android app control abilities for extra features not on the remote.

The legs on the GhostBed adjustable base are a fixed 12-inch height compared to the Amerisleep model that has legs that can be adjusted from 14-18 inches. GhostBed specifically notes its base usage of a common 110 volts plug with a battery backup to get bed back to flat position in case of power outage.

For the cost Amerisleep charges for its adjustable base it should have all the bells and whistles that are added with its app capabilities. Factor in GhostBed’s cost-effective price and the GhostBed adjustable base definitely-proves to be a winner for construction and capabilities.

III. Comfort

Comfort is key for those who are looking for the health benefits of an adjustable base. Having a remote control to move head and feet allow for people to attain the best position to soothe the body. Health problems with the back, legs, neck, and stomach can be calmed when positioned to relieve pressure that lying flat can cause.

Recessed soothing massage units for head and foot with a choice of modes are built into both the GhostBed and Amerisleep bases. USB ports in both the GhostBed and Amerisleep bases offer extra ease for charging devices. Both bases allow for presets to quickly achieve a favorite position.

Using the GhostBed remote is effortless with three presets along with two addition personal memory settings. Amerisleep relies on using the remote plus an app which can get cumbersome for some who are not smartphone savvy or just simply wish to seek slumber.

Comfort is the goal with both GhostBed and Amerisleep but for the much lower price GhostBed is the clear winner.

IV. Warranty

GhostBed has an Adjustable Base Limited Lifetime Warranty that allows for the steel and mechanical base parts to be covered for life if they are found to be defective. In addition, GhostBed offers a full one year warranty on parts, labor, and freight in which they will repair or replace any parts discovered defective with no extra cost to consumer. A limited year two warranty from GhostBed covers the replacement of any defective parts but does not include labor and freight.

The Amerisleep adjustable base has a 20-year warranty with the first year covering non-excluded defects and the cost for labor and transportation. The next two years will repair or replace any defects that are not excluded, and does not include cost for transportation. From years four to 20 Amerisleep will cover, at a prorated cost, only the defective steel and mechanical base parts that were not previously excluded, not including transportation.

With its lifetime warranty, the GhostBed adjustable base is most certainly the winner.

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